Leasing space for your company affects profit, employee satisfaction and ability to grow. This is TRUE for all Industries, but, is especially TRUE for the IT & IT Enabled Industry.

We are IT Industry Professionals who over decades of work experience in the IT Industry have understood the ‘needs and nuances’ of an IT and IT enabled Companies. We today specialize in office leasing in the Delhi NCR for IT and IT enabled Companies, only.

In our day-to-day , work, we often speak to companies & developers who have office space for rent – maybe a handful of desks, maybe an entire office, maybe an entire building.  India Link Advisors (ILA) organizes this “under-the-radar” office space and helps find new homes for Startups, Small businesses and Growing companies who need appropriate office space for their needs.

An office rental or lease is a big commitment. The cost of your office affects your bottom line and has other consequences including employee morale and customer impression. Having, India Link Advisors as your Leasing Advisors – who are in tune with the market and understand your needs, makes the difference in your office space outcome. The core of our service is to provide you with effective solutions for your commercial office & business needs.

We, also, help you locate required Guest House space, Studio Apartments and Floors to house, your staff and key personal. We know what is required. We have been there. We have lived the space.

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