Infrastructure setup

We provide consultancy for ISO 9001. ISO -27001. ISO -20000

India Link Advisors can provide you with professional service of IT environment configuration in your new office place, as well. We will help set up, based on your specific requirements on office network and provide you with focused & stable network system solutions.


Infrastructure setup

Services offered by us in IT environment configuration for new office place:

  • IT network planning consultation
  • Hardware and software procurement consultation
  • PABX system construction
  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, single module and multiple module wiring system design and construction (Network wiring system and network system construction)
  • IT devices configuration and installation (computer, printer, etc.)
  • Internet construction
  • E-mail construction
  • VOIP
  • VPN virtual network construction
  • Entrance guard and video surveillance system
  • Video and conference call system configuration
  • UPS backup power system solution


India Link Advisors can help simplify and optimize IT infrastructure environment and ensure the security and flexibility of the system, so that the corporate value can be increased in a sustainable fashion.

India Link Advisors can also help get your organization up to level for ISO Standards. We facilitate getting your organization ISO certified, too.



India Link Advisors will help you not choose the most expensive products, but the most suitable ones for you.

Now there are a great variety of products, as you are already aware, in the IT market which range from high-end, middle-end and low-end to copycats. There is always debate and confusion as to which one will meet your demand and which one will be brought to its full play during a normal IT network life cycle. In consideration of reducing customers’ IT procurement cost and providing long term and stable IT network operation, after understanding your long-term planning, we can help you select and purchase the most suitable IT products for your organization.

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